Monday, April 28, 2008

Wei Guan's 18 & a day at the Stadium

In this post, I'm short of pictures to enhance your interest. So, go surf porn if you're uninterested :).


Happy Belated Birthday Wei Guan!

She had her 18th countdown at KL.
Lots, lots I mean LOTS of hustle involved for this eventful night to happen.

Plenty of details and I'm pretty sure you guys aren't interested in.
We had it in Maison though.
Met Marcia there.

Some people are sucking the money from your wallet cause even parking at a public parking place, you need to pay RM10.

Opened bottle, la-la-la.
Dull much.

You can tell from my face's expression.

Siang, Cheryl, Yien, Jane and I.

Some gay dude(at least I think he is) caressed my butt a few times. Life sucks.

The people who attended minus Cheang Ee who was slightly late.


SMKDJ's Sports Day.

I really miss competing on the tracks. Aih.

The morning itself, YongMeng, SerSiang, WeiKit and I went to the stadium.
But the school demands special permission letter. Stupid formality and all. In order to prevent gangsters causing unwanted circumstances yadaayadaa. But, disallow us innocent angels (YongMeng, SerSiang, WeiKit and I) would be out of the story! We attempted several methods and were strictly RESTRICTED from going in.

Then, Mr. Jacob was being an angel himself by helping us to obtain proper permission from Datin to step into the stadium.
Ethan was already in the stadium cause he's Pn. Koh's son(lucky boy). Helping his mother with stuffs.

Dina & Steph both got proper permission cause they were the judge for Inter-House Cheer competition.


It was a day of glory, triumph, determination and believe.
Great spirits arise from respective houses, and the competitive-ness that drives everyone on.

A lot of unfortunate scenes this year, as I'm aware of some athletes were injured, not participating, and even dropped out of school.

There's never a dull moment when I was sitting at the Yellow Base. The teachers who are so warm to me, my juniors and all. Not to forget I also have Yi Ching to accompany me most of the time ;). The people around me were so nice and warm, so was the weather. Warm would be an understatement. It was blazing hot. Yay tanning session.

I witnessed great athletism displayed on the track.

Therefore I shall point out some outstanding athletes from Kesatria who truly earned my admiration. & a little word from me. (it doesn't mean you aren't great if I didn't mention your name!)

  • Christina Teh
    Christinaaa! She has abundance of stamina and it was a great sight to see her performing so well. During your race, you should have reduce the gap of you and the leader of the race. At the end, you would easily outrun them cause you are really good in storing your energy for the final burst. Next year would definitely be your year.
  • Li Wei
    Haha. You will never get bored of gold medals right ;)? You run so fast, it's amazing that you never kena speed trap :).
  • Yasmine
    You run as swift as the wind ;). Joshua thinks you're hot.
  • Sher Lin
    You amaze me more than your brother(Ee Keen). For your age category, short distance events are yours.
  • Ariff
    Ooi. Your choice of events was unwise. But who can blame you from what you've been through. Hopefully your parents would allow you to run next year, and the that year would be tough for you as you will be in L1 category. But I advise you to take the short distance event, and get the Olahragawan title you always wanted.
  • Sara Pang
    The member of the best female relay team ever for Kesatria. Your 4x100m run was worth being proud of :).
  • Sue Ann
    Also a member of the very dominating relay team. You did well :).
  • Eric Sin
    You've got great potential. Train up, train hard!
& not to forget those who worked behind the scenes. Keep up the good work you guys.
Together, you guys can emerge as the best and top others.

Well done Kesatria marchers for getting 3rd! Keep it up!

Grace & Christina.

I will always be more than willing to help out in wherever possible, so if my aid is needed don't hesitate to contact me.


This year's sports day were not that well planned. They cancelled Minimitez's performance, 4x400m, and didn't even announce who was the overall champion!


Ah, my final paper on Wednesday.
Can't wait.

My dear friends, flying kite was just a phrase haha. When I'm free I'll call you guys :).

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