Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tag & Exam Fever.

Hmmmm. Something away other than pen, papers and calculators.


Tagged: Gene-Harn

Your 5 Impressions Of Him/Her :

  1. My yellow running friend.
  2. A guy with great determination.
  3. A supportive friend.
  4. Devoted to Jesus.
  5. Can play the guitar!

The Most Memorable Thing He/She Has Done For You :
Helping me out when I was motionless after my marathon.

The Most Memorable Words He/She Has Said To You :
Always inviting me to join him for marathon runs :)

If He/She Becomes Your Lover, You Will :
Haha let's show some love.

Pass The Quiz To 10 People That You Wish To Know How They Feel About You.

  1. Yong Meng
  2. Ser Siang
  3. Thian Hong
  4. Dina
  5. Wei Kit
  6. WeiGuan
  7. Kirsten
  8. Yi Ching
  9. Daniel
  10. Candice Sow

What is No.10 (Candice Sow) most memorable thing He/She did to you? .
She calls me to talk about the details in life. hahhahaha.

Who is No. 7 (Kirsten) Having A Relationship With ?
She's currently available ? :)

who is No.9 (Daniel) Having A Relationship With ?

If No.9 (Yong Meng) and No.1 (Daniel) Are Together, Will It Be A Good Thing ?
Hmmm. They can get together and play chess together pretty well :). Play chess, not play chest.

How about No.1 (Yong Meng) And No.5 (Wei Kit)?
Why ask? They are together.

What Is No.3 (Thian Hong) Studying ?

When Is The Last Time You Chatted With No.6 ( WeiGuan)?
Earlier this week?

Does No.4 (Dina) work?
She's not working but currently studying at HELP and going to the United States soon on her UCW scholarship :(.

Does No. 8 (Yi Ching) Have Any Cousins In His/Her School ?
Cousin erm I don't know. But I know she has errr some ang mo cousin, but nope not in the same school :D.

Would You Woo No.8(Yi Ching)?
Oh yes. Tigers go after tigresses. haha.

How About No.3 (Thian Hong)?
He will take me down with his HUGE arms :O.

Does No.2 (SerSiang) Have Any Siblings ?
Yeap, one elder sister, and another elder brother.

How Did You Get To Know No. 2 (Ser Siang)
We first met in Tuition Lai? Then Computer Class? But it is when we step into Std. 4 we got closer as we were classmates then. :)

Is No.5 (Wei Kit) The Sexiest Person In The World ?
Omg la Wei Kit. I saw his hot rod before. Sticking out his boxers. Ok I changed my mind. It's more like a mushroom :D.


Exam argghh.

So far I'm done with English, Public Speaking and Maths for Business and Social Science.

It's down to Econs, Accounts, and Computer Studies.


Haha I came across this over the Net.

[click to enlarge]

Haha this fellow is amazing la. :)


I've got 1 - 26 May off.
26 days of being aimless around.
So whoever unoccupied the following days tell me laaa, we go fly kite.

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