Monday, April 14, 2008

13th & 14th April.

These two days are special. Many people I know share their birthdays on these two dates.
Thus, I shall feature them, cause they are worth being featured.

Here you go :

13th April

Yeoh Wai Hong ;

Wai Hong, is the kind of guy who put the importance of friends above many other matters.
A great singer / guitarist / piano player.
His singing is awesomee :).


Lum Pui Cheng ; (the one on the right)
also is my sister.

She is irritating, annoying at times. But which sibling isn't like that? Of course she has a bright side as well that could be rather admirable. She might not look the most sociable person around, but she can be a great companion. I assure you so, cause she's... my sister. haha.


14th April

Candice Sow Khai Lyne ;

This girl I know from LEO Forum, she is a girl who has the power to capture your attention, I'm not surprise if she can even make you dump the idea of watching your favourite football match just to talk to her. haha this girl from Penang is also a pretty bright student! Watch out for this great gal!

Jonathan Wong ;

Hey bro miss you man. Please come back soon! Hope you're doing well at UK!


Jade Tam Jhia Li ;

Although we weren't very close, we all know Jade is a fun-loving girl, who currently is sharing the air with other Australians. She is also a great guy-magnet. Very true! :D


Illa ; (the one on the left with red wrist band)

Illa! The girl I met at Lisa's farewell party. We had a rather memorable time dancing, haha. She's a human rojak who has the blood of a Javanese, Malay, Chinese, Dutch, and I don't know haha. But, she has a bountiful knowledge of Japanese & loves everything bout the Land of The Rising Sun.


So, to the all above, Happy Birthday & Belated Birthday!
& be assured that you will be remembered :).


DINA, Congrats on the UWC scholarship you received.
We know you can do it.


Next, a post on ;

MSSD Softball.
I'm freaking tan now.

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