Tuesday, April 15, 2008

1st Day of MSSD Softball 2008 at SMK Alam Megah, Shah Alam

MSSD Softball has always been a highlight to us, DJ-ians.
Though, most of us treat softball as our 'part-time' sport, we still take this game with great enthusiasm.

Like Mr. Chia would always say,
"Softball is an intelligent game!"

Frankly speaking, you don't have to posses a super athletic ability to be good in softball. You just understand the game and play strategically. Of course having athletic ability would be a bonus.

Every year, DJ will be the host for MSSD Softball. But this year was kinda sucky,
it was held in Shah Alam.

Sometimes, visiting other schools remind us how good SMKDJ is.


Back to a review on that very day.

Yong Meng, May Ee and I drove there.
The school was only willing to hired a bus to transport so many people there.
So as we drive there we ferry some of the passengers as well.

It wasn't not near okay.

We arrived quite late. I mean fashionably late :P.
& as the game was about to start, you will come to realize the DJ squad is never short of great spirit and determination.


You probably think they were celebrating a victory but they were actually getting geared up for a match. Hahaha they look so happy and cheerful.

CANDICE anticipating to CATCH BALLS.


This is Dinie, the Chinese trapped in a Malay's body. His pitching improved like fish cake la.

PAT PAT moving in for her turn to bat.

Waaa good stance PAT PAT!

Dirty & Muddy BoonMun after making a run home :D.

Guess who's that in the picture above?

It's good meeting Mr. Chia there after soooo long.


The Under 15 girls got 3rd place.

As I'm doing this post, the Under 18 Boys and Girls are playing.

The Under 15 boys will be playing tomorrow.

I'm sorry I can't join you guys today.

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