Friday, March 28, 2008

Late March Update + Pre-KL International Marathon

I apologize for making you guys feast on only the pictures of me and my classmates for quite a duration of time.

Specially for BOBO aka WengFai,
Now I'm back in blogging mode. For the better or for the worst, you shall decide.

Recently, I watched Ah Long Pte Ltd with Kirsten & Daniel. Haha if you're a pure "Banana"(term for Chinese people who doesn't understand Chinese language) I reckoned it's gonna be hard for you to enjoy the movie. You'll probably end up being like Daniel (Daniel's a "Banana").
You would enjoy the movie to the fullest if you can understand Hokkien, Mandarin, and a bit of other dialects I couldn't quite remember.

The show is rather mild on the violence, and quite random.
They somehow ended up in a game of football using a durian?

I personally like the quote by Mark Lee, who was playing a Dancing Teacher cum Image Stylist with a dash of "Aqua-ness"(lack of testosterone) when he strikes back whoever who calls him "aqua".

by Mark Lee in the movie.


Fann Wong was asked to "show-some-breast" by her mother in that movie as well.

The other highlight was, the feature of famous veteran Singaporean blogger, Lao Zha Bor!

"Lao Zha Bor" simply means old lady in Hokkien.
She might be old be definitely youthful at heart!

Funnyman Mark Lee and Lao Zha Bor in Red! (very ANG!) [ang = red in Hokkien]

Lao Zha Bor with beautiful flowers!


Besides that I also watched The Shutter, which is basically an English version of the Thailand Horror Biggie, what else but The Shutter with Dina.

It was slightly queer and eerie only at rare occasions.
Let me introduce you the ghost/haunting spirit of the movie, Megumi Tanaka, played by Megumi Okina who is a J-Pop singer.

Megumi, doesn't have a really ghost-ish make-up in that movie. She was pretty much her plain self. But very stalker-ish. You know what I mean.

After the whole show, I stood up with Dina, we both were kind of stunned for a moment.
We both saw a MEGUMI-look-a-like sitting behind us!

Megumi is rather friendly you see. She ... er... left a message in my chatterbox?



Pre-Kuala Lumpur International Marathon

Reminiscence of last year, and if most of you possibly remember, I competed in last year's KL International Marathon for their 7km run with severe food poisoning and fever.

Well, this year is not very much different!
I had a really bad fever and food poisoning just a few days before KL Marathon.
The distinctive differences are this year my condition is much milder and I'm taking 10km.
But still, who wishes to compete in a marathon feeling unwell?

Tomorrow I will be going to Wisma OCM at KL with WeiKit, KitWeng and maybe a few others to collect our marathon shirt, number tag as well as settle our entry payment.

Hopefully I will be in good shape to race on Sunday.

KL Marathon participants, it is advised that you visit KL MARATHON SITE to be a much more informed participant.


& one more thing.
The mother who's cooler than the word cool.
Yes, you guessed it.
Aunt Farah has a facebook profile!
I just added her yesterday :)

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