Sunday, May 18, 2008


It's really mind-blowing if you think of 25 days, with no one to go out with, nothing much to do.
Alright maybe I'm exaggerating, I get bored easily. Who doesn't?

It sucks when you're having holiday and your other friends are having classes/exam etc. When you guys start your holiday, I will be back in those sad room with papers, notes in front of me.

I felt as if, everyone is progressing somewhere in their life, but I'm not progressing much, sadly.

Well not all is bad.

Without fail, I've got Kai Fu asking me to log into Blueserver to have a round of DOTA, every time he catches me online.
So nice of him.

Meanwhile, I've got my 10 year old sister,
Sharing stories with me and making me those scrumptious Toast Bread with Ice-cream, & others what she claimed as, 'Special Ingredient'.

Last week, I went to the Chow Yang pasar malam with my cousin as we filled our appetite for Lok Lok.

& thankfully, I've got Dina to help me occupy most of my schedule during this break.

Watching Iron Man,
Loitering around Mid Valley,
Going to Kayu and watch Man. Utd. seal their EPL title though you were not really interested haha,
Jogging sessions at TTDI park,
Gym & swimming at Tropicana.
Seeing Kak Siwen get all surprised when I had so much sambal belacan while having lunch in your house haha,
Going to 1u, with Aunty Farah as well.

It was enjoyable, like how I always enjoy your company ever since we got much closer when we were Form3.

Being the bright girl she is, she claimed she is destined to leave the country this year.
Yes, I'm sure you visited her blog and know about the UWC and Petronas scholarship.

Well, whatever your choice is, the United States, or Japan, you know you've got abundance of friends back here who would miss you dearly.
So don't forget us la when you do :\.

Miss those times, don't you?

Now, all we can do is treasure the time you still got back here before you leave.
Tell me when you manage to dig out the video of us saying our 2006 New Year resolutions :).

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