Sunday, May 11, 2008


Wing Hang asked me to tag along for a short-noticed trip to Port Dickson.
So I was thinking, instead of doing nothing during the weekends, why not just go PD?

NO, not like everyone else, I have no intention of going for Tiesto. My idea of the trip is just to have a good time, not the rave.

One thing.
Totally should not be claimed as a tourist spot till drastic actions are taken to upgrade every aspect there is.
The beach, is so polluted.
The sea side is like a HUGE dirty drain.
Only that this HUGE dirty drain has people swimming in it.


Kenneth drove his Land Rover there. Don't play play man big car.

Hi Kenneth.

Hang flashing her Colgate-Model-worthy teeth.


Checked in to Sea Front Hotel.
Yeah, you guess it, the sea is in front of the hotel.
Correction, the polluted and unattractive sea.

Kenneth, Praevin and I.

Hangie Hang.

Kenneth is the 18 year old who will most likely be mistaken as a successful businessman.
He has an iPhone :|.

Amazing view out of the windo...
Guess not, it's just the TV.


We slept at 7am, after looking out for sun rise.
Sadly our vision was dimmed from the bad weather.

My body refused me to continue my sleep anymore when it's 12pm.
So I got up and walked around.

Along a stretch of miserable beach.

Look there's fish...
I meant dirt.
With hopes looking for a life form, guess what I found.

Hi Dead Crab.
Bye Dead Crab.


I was so bored I took pictures of people's activity around there.


Treasure Hunting!

Treasure hunting too!
Literally. Except that this treasure worth much less. This aunty is looking for some sea shells/cockles or whatever she is looking for.
Aunty damn layan la, she posing for my camera.

I spot a couple dating. Awwwww. But sorry no special action caught and I didn't go too near after the dude not happy all.
Quote Hang, "I hate happy couples."


Then we went to some much more decent beach at I-forgotten-where.

We ride the Banana Boat, & it was good fun :D.


*more pictures to be uploaded soon.


It got me thinking.

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