Saturday, May 24, 2008

On a random Saturday morning,

Yong Meng gathered 8 other penises to his club, KGNS, to play water polo.
It was some gay but fun time.

It was short-lifted, as we just threw-the-ball-around/swim/dive/attract-some-dude's-attention.

As you probably have noticed, I randomly added some polls at the side, you know, just for fun.
From there, I can tell some of my readers suggested they come to my blog cause it's a "Good place to check out chicks/hunks" and all chose "YES" for Ethan to continue his legacy as the best P*star around :).

For this selective group of people, this post might probably be just the thing for you.
WTF I think I caught my 10 year old sister checking out the picture from the camera, that sick little pervert.

Ethan having his moments with Dillion....
Joe promoting his fair body, possibly sparking some jealousy from the female party.


Damn, my 2nd semester is starting this Monday.
& my 1st Semester final's result is nothing worth celebrating or talking about.

Screw the bad news, Man. Utd. won the Champions League. :)

Happy holidays to all my other friends who are currently having their break! :)
Have fun and be good!

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