Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ex-BOD Gathering

We, the ex BOD of the Top LEO club in Malaysia for the year 2007 has made an effort to have a pot luck gathering at Grace's place.
Thus, I brought meehoon and fried it all by myself!
Not to mention I've got good feedbacks, not bad for a starter?

Anyway only 8 of us turned up.
Grace insisted we dine outside around the house compound on the mat?
Haha :)

We also played a round of charade later, and it was damn fun!
Too bad we don't have sexual words and all haha.
I think we should play charades more often in the future :).

Yew Weng, the mat, and Grace's pretty garden.

Look out for the President and his scrumptious Pizza-Hut-like garlic bread :D.

Ze girlss.

Oh boy, do you just miss the good old times :).

Gone were the days we hear long-winded stories from Lion Christopher, nagging and complains from Pn. Ng, school regulations that disallow us to do anything close to the word "fun".
Now, everyone's heading their respective pathways.

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