Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dina's Farewell & Marathon

It's almost time to say "adios" to Dina.
I would like to clarify how much I cherish our friendship, as stated before.
Well, we've got to move on and I know you can cope well with your future undertakings.

Dina's farewell on Saturday.

Anticipating the celebrated girl to return home.

May Ee, Khy Li, Debbie, Debra, myself and Aunty Farah getting it on in the dry kitchen.
Not really, just a picture.

Guess who's first to reach the food? - Hungry Jane

Early diners. May Ee has yet to reach for her food.

Khai and Erwin.

Daniel and Yu Szen being cooler than cucumbers.

Ka wo kong Hokkien! (Speak with me in Hokkien)

Aunty Farah with,



& me.

When Mr. Kok meets Mr. Lim.

Ser Siang my best friend.

We played Taboo.

Presented her a Penis Cake with Cum.
She can be seen attempting a "blow-job".

Dina, Siang and the Lums.

Sorry ended up not sleeping over, since no males are staying back. Plus, I've got marathon the following morning. Hope you had a good time yesterday night.
It hits me and I just couldn't clearly describe how much I'll miss you when you're away.
Will be seeing you one last time before you leave.
Love ya Dina.

10km Marathon - Larian Perpaduan Merdeka

Earlier this week on Monday, I was informed bout this marathon and didn't hessitated to join despite the short notice because UTAR is sponsoring both the participation fee and transportation. I wish to give my endurance a test after slacking so much lately as jogging sessions have been replaced with DoTA.

Only top 150 runners get a medal for the male 10km category, So I'm positive I've got a good chance to come back with a medal.

This 10km run, I felt.. easy.
I wasn't harsh to myself, I clocked only 51 minutes+ while my previous 10km for KL International Marathon was 48 minutes +.
I know wtf it's a lousy time but my stamina ain't that outstanding.
During the race I jogged at a really slow pace, just maintaining it. Was pretty satisfied I got 96th :).

Yeah, I saw some Indian dude pushing himself too hard and vomitting orange liquid(Orange soda?) right in front of my eyes. Haha poor fella.

One thing, I had my eye brows raised when I saw Dynamitez gathering at the starting line. I gave Sara a quick greet and speed off after that. I think they played a little role in boosting my start, haha.

After I completed the race - with Dynamitez, teachers.

Meet some of my UTAR friends who joined the marathon as well!

Sem 1 friends : Hi-I-don't-know-your-name, Hazel, me and Tzia Tzia.


It's Hazel "Mr.-Mathematician-Chuah's darling" Chan, and Tzia "Many-Boys-Wanna-Date-Me" Tzia.

Wei Hoong and Ying Sern acknowledging their respective minions.

Lastly, the big ass group from UTAR.


You had me going.

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