Monday, August 11, 2008


Sorry for the lack of updates.
But I bet you guys didn't get bored feasting your eyes on the very picture of Yien-Yien.
This is not gonna be any long-winded one.

Been busy with assignments and shits.
DoTA was awesome in countering these shits.

On Dillion's birthday, we represented our Foundation to participate in a volleyball competition during UTAR's Sports Carnival.

Frankly we didn't train a single bit. I didn't touch the volleyball since, May?
20 mins before the match starts, I was still teaching Seng Eu how to serve and dig?
We only have 6 players, no substitute :|.

Our opponents were teams from other faculty, which will be degree students. Most of them can play really well, including the girls.

But fear not.

Still get a medaaaaal what :).
(if you know me well enough you will know I've got fetish for medals)


I will also be running in a marathon this Sunday.
10km. Shiat. Didn't train :|.
Shall work my butt off for another medal :D.


On another note.

Just a random scrumptious looking ChocoCake ;).

On hilltop, shimmering stars.
Put an end to this feeling of longing-ness.

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