Saturday, August 30, 2008

Chocolate Cake

29th August, marks the last day of my 2nd semester of my foundation. Another 7 weeks left studying in PJ, excluding the exams and holiday, and I'm off to Kampar.

& I still freshly recall the 1st few days I came to UTAR, being an alien to the whole new Mandarin speaking environment, but now I can 'jiang' (speak) more fluently that I ever thought I would be :b.

I received an e-mail of a really hilarious poem on UTAR, that got me giggling. Not sure if you guys would understand, but here goes.

I join UTAR because its 'pien yi',(cheap fees)
I also thought it will be a good uni,
but end I jalan jauh sampai nak mati, because all the faculties telah dibahagi....

In UTAR everything is about money,
pay late then they phone tak henti henti
even worse the officers talk like you are seekor babi,
no manners no courtesy...

Toilet in UTAR very geli,
if it doesn't stink then you're very lucky,
but the floors are very watery,
if you complain to the aunty,
they also tak peduli,
because they will be very penat if they really wanna cuci,
cause UTAR boys dunno how to aim 'n' pee,
so it is very smelly...

Driving in UTAR is a liability,
Every time you park it's very risky,
no parking lot for student in the uni,
Jaya one got but it's not free,

if double park then put call me message but berhati-hati,
or else saman Rm300 lagi ...

Food in every faculties also 'bu pien yi',(not cheap)
they will call out numbers with mic like pertandingan menyanyi,
want cheaper and nicer food must go mamak kat tepi,
1 thing bad it's hot and dirty ...

UTAR got a lot of library,
small with insufficient facility,
going in also need to show ID,
people go in to walk and talk kat sana sini,
so students there are very noisy,
if you're smart don't come in to study...

UTAR computer lab very mini,
Pen drive masuk lubang sure got baby,
pregnant with all the trojan, worm and cookies,
besides that the server very laggy,
in PA block the lab is like CC,
student LAN games with any games terkini ...

Before come in kena sedar diri,
Got money please go oversea,
study abroad not like me,
if got choice cabut lari,
or end up like me always memaki.....

Hahaha the creator of this poem sure do have a good sense of humour and rather expressive :P. A good summary of UTAR with such limited words - & rhymes too! haha.


On Friday itself, I finally force myself to bake a chocolate cake after all that planning and preparation. No, not that regular chocolate cake u 'bake' everyday in the toilet, but a real, edible chocolate cake. Went to Bake with Yen to get all the ingredients I need. The whole process was really time consuming though, I even skipped several rounds of DoTA with Kai Fu and the rest :(.

This is just a plain, easy recipe for a decent chocolate cake.
The procedures are not too complicated as well.

To those who are interested in baking a simple but scrumptious chocolate cake, I can send you the recipe.

As I was initiating my effort to start all work, Yong Meng called and then he dropped by to see me bake haha.

Got my handy assistant, my 10 year old sister FoongFoong to help. Must make use of her before she gets older and reluctant to help out around anymore. So, train your younger sisters or brothers when they're young before they turn into a brat and start using your make-ups and scribbling your notes.

As I was beating the butter and sugar, my mixer went ka-put. It sure was frustrating and I was so close to pulling off my own hair. Went around to search for anyone who can lend me their mixer as I haven't beat the egg, flour and other ingredients. My work was left abandoned for like an hour.

Again, my handy assistant prove her worth. She went to her friend's house, a neighbour, to borrow one. Smart girl!

Work resume! Everything went smoothly, except for the frosting.
The ingredient said "Add 4-6 tablespoon of milk"
I added a glass of milk of 5 tablespoon of milk.
It was suppose to be MILK POWDERS, not Milk.

Before I realised my mistake, I was quite clueless cause my frosting is too liquified than it supposed to be.
I did all I could to solidify it, adding more milk powder, butter and even placed it in the freezer but to no avail.

So screw it, I re-do the whole frosting. Thankfully the cake turn out to be really successful.

It was good fun baking, but I thoroughly dislike the cleaning up.

The cake, without frosting.

This is how the cake looks like after I put the new frosting. Haha got to give credit to my assistant here for being really helpful. Couldn't join her for the picture cause I looked hideous and was really tired from all the baking from noon till night.

& who did I bake this for? You can actually tell from the picture above :).


Waited, waited for 3 long hours. I was well prepared as I brought along my notes to study and kill time haha.
But it was all worth it :).

Did everything possible to keep me away from boredom including admiring the glorious sky, and taking a picture of it. Haha yes, I took this outside your house.

Is it just me, or do you see it too?


pikyie.ngoi said...

omg meng leong! you're leaving??!!? when?!?!? dont la woi.

MengLeong said...

will be studying at Kampar Jan 09 :|.

pikyie.ngoi said...

dont worry (: long more to go le