Tuesday, July 01, 2008

You finally have 2 digits for your age!

Yeah, my youngest sister turns 10 today.
Happy Birthday you fat one.

To those who don't know her name, she's Pui Foong.
Foong Foong's immune to cheek-pinching, cause I've been training her since young(by pinching her of course).

She's the main source of joy around the house, my sister enjoys preparing snacks for me, gossip with me and many more.
She even gives me "Saman Ticket" when I jog too fast around the park :\.

Moments ago,

MengLeong : "Aiyo, 10 years old only, plenty more for you to go." (random)
Foong : "You mean got plenty more cakes to eat?"



She can be a good experimental subject for your First Aid Course.

Act like a total boy.


& show some nostrils.
(Don't blame me if you find it hard to get a boyfriend in the next 10 years HAHAHA)


Fine, fine, now some more decent pictures of you.
(Stop saving her pictures please, you pedophiles)

She even has her own Friendster profile.


Lose some weight, I can't carry you around like I used to do when you were much lighter. Exerciseeee please.

Happy Birthday to Sara Pang too :).

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