Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chelsea Training at Stadium Shah Alam

Credits to Ee Keen, I got a free pass to watch the runner ups of Champions League (WHY? Cause Man. Utd. was champ :D) & runner ups of English Premier League (WHY? Cause Man. Utd. was champ too :D), Chelsea train at Stadium Shah Alam today.

Siang drove Joe, Ee Keen and I there, directed by William, Wei Hoong's brother.

Why do I go and watch Man. Utd.'s arch rival for? But come on, I wouldn't wanna miss a chance to see world-class players stretching, kicking the ball around, scratching their ass (just kidding).
See them live in action.

Firstly it was the Malaysia team train. I see determined faces there, to put Chelsea into blushes!(very unlikely)

That's Mr. Bald, Hardi Jaafar!


They left soon after as the crowd anticipates the Blues to turn up.

The people there are damn jakun I tell you. Hopefully Chelsea would not have a bad impression of Malaysians.
  • They would shout like they won 1 million bucks when they actually just saw a water-boy walking out in a blue jersey.
  • When they saw a Chinese man walking out from the entrance, they would shout "WOOOOO CHINESE SCOLARI WOOOOO"
  • A man that has unshaved chin and was slightly balding, they shouted "WOOO RYAN GIGGS WOOOOO"
  • Some shouted at Peter Kenyon, "OOOI PETER BUY ROBINHO LAA"
  • Some blonde dude who's pretty good looking, "WOO BECKHAM WOOOO"
Worst of all, most of the shrieking sound came from a fat lady with red hair wth.

Chelsea supporter - Ser Siang

Liverpool supporter acting as a Chelsea supporter - Ee Keen

Carlo Cudicini. Most of the Chelsea players are pretty anti-social except for Cudicini. He's signing autograph for some lucky dude.

The reason why football players RUN so fast when they SCORE. - SCO-LARI.

I see Carvalho, Terry, Essien, Mikel and Mr. Don't-Know-His-Name.

The midfield aces - Lampard and Deco (sorry for the blurr picture, blame that fat lady with red hair for pushing me).

Scolari briefing his players.

I almost achieved orgasm seeing how clean Cech saves the ball in this goalkeeper-training.

Haha boy, you're walking alone. A small kid wearing Liverpool jersey among the Blues.

Woah, chill la wei, it's just training. Can see Amar on the right.

Siang & Delicia.


The players playing a mini game among them. Cudicini rocks as a striker man.

The gang - Ee Keen, myself, Delicia, Amar, Joe, Siang and Shaun.

Well, the bottom line is ;

Manchester United still tops it all. :)


To those who's going the match tomorrow night, a little reminder for you to enjoy the match to the fullest.
  1. Arrive early. It's gonna be dead packed.
  2. Bring binoculars. (Can barely see)
  3. Thin layer of clothing/underwear. (It's hot and stuffy there)
  4. Do not bring a whining girlfriend. (Bring me instead)
  5. Tranquilizers. (In case Malaysia won Chelsea)


Delicia said...

hahahah my name is spelt "Delicia" LOLOL!
you still can blog after the training session!?chun ehhh, hahah, I was so exhausted and dead by then.

MengLeong said...


Sorry sorry got the spelling wrongly :P.

Haha I prefer to blog soon after something happen to preserve the timeliness of the event :)