Monday, July 14, 2008

Cheer 2008

It was great, seeing old mates, supporting the amazing Dynamitez.
You girls did very, very well.
I'm sure those who attended Cheer 2008 can tell.

Clinching 1st Runner Up at National level is very creditable too.
Remember, National level!
Still a winner!
Being as consistent as ever, these bunch of cheerleaders from SMKDJ truly are special :).

Is not easy to find a good combination, of being hot and talented.
This is when you know Dynamitez edge the rest :).

I've not been involved that much getting in the scene this year. The crowd was pretty miserable, I got to agree with Candice.
Dinesh, you could have worn the Dynaman costume properly, too bad the suit didn't fit you well cause it was my body's measurement.

The Mighty Reds, so I would like to think of them.

Her middle finger reminds me of a 5 year old boy's ku-ku haha :).
The flash is too bright don't you think so?
Oh, Siang and May Ee can be seen smooching at the back LOL.
May Ee, let's hope your dad doesn't find my blog too :P.

Some of the 92' kids + 1 over-age kid(Candice)

The 17 year old who's never acting like she's 17, haha.

Sara competing her 1st time as a part of Dynamitez :).

Brother from another mother.

Looking as gorgeous as ever, Kirsten :).

Who else is gorgeous you ask?
Malaysian Beauty Queen Deborah Henry is!

Who's the celebrity here?
Should have made way for Jien.

Candice the flyer.
Now you can gain weight without the guilt of burdening your base.
Start munching on your food!

Dynamitez 08'.
Savour your victory girls!
We are all proud of you.

(you can take me to Genting if you don't have a date :D)

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