Friday, July 25, 2008

Encounter with the most retarded robber, ever.

Here's what happened in a nutshell.

Yesterday, I drove back from UTAR straight to the pharmacies around Taman Megah near Ming Tien to help my mum buy some Sunsilk shampoo she wanted.

The type of shampoo she wanted was not found in Guardian, so I moved around the area to other pharmacies to look for it.

Then, my brother called, rushing me home cause he wants to use the car.

So being me, I turned a little careless when I rush things, I forgotten to lock my car, as I continue looking around for this mangkuk-Sunsilk shampoo.

As I ran out of options on where I can find the shampoo, I returned to my car, walking back with disappointment cause I know my mum would be delighted if I did this little favour for her.

From a distance, I observed a man in yellow tee, I reckoned an Indonesia. Thought to myself, isn't that car he's checking out and lingering around, MY CAR? & why the heck is he holding MY BAG(college bag)?

Before I proceed any further I would like to clarify the contents of my bag.

Papers, LOTS of papers. (mostly notes).
4GB Pendrive (with my ASSIGNMENTS in it).
Pencil box.

What the heck, wanna steal also steal something more valuable laaaaaa. Mangkuk fella.
It wouldn't be much significance for this dude if he ran away with my bag, I mean look at the possible value of my bag la. But if he did, I would be the one sulking over the loss of my precious NOTES and hard effort on my completed ASSIGNMENTS.

Alright back to the story.
My spontaneous action was shouting at him, as I continue to chase him down. That prick dropped my bag and ran away in fear. Due to the fact my brother's rushing me, I did not go on any further. Otherwise, I will let him taste my fist man, attempting to steal my stuffs.

This unarmed robber is truly a noob.


Alright back to revising.

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