Saturday, July 19, 2008

Feeling charitable.

Participated in a Charity Race organized by SeGi College, at Kota Damansara alongside Wei Hoong and Seng Eu.
The race has similar concept as the Amazing Race, just that it's only bound in SeGi's perimeter.

Skipped my 2nd class for charity's name sake.
I think my mum would be proud of me, since she used to emphasize the importance of being charitable.

The race is in conjunction of the Charity Carnival, with aplenty of people there. They even have basketball, street soccer competition and so on.

Met a few of ex DJ-ians and some familiar faces there!
Tzen Ting, Marissa, Chui May, Juanne, May Wern and a few others!

I thought the contestants from SeGi would definitely have the upper hand since they know the place well.

Nothing huuhaa bout the tasks, cause I think my team did pretty well, and the best was the last task where I get to swim in SeGi's pool.

My new SeGi friend told me there are hot babes swimming at SeGi's pool occasionally. I envy SeGi >=(.

Team UTAR emerged 1st runner up for the race :).

Those 2 people we took picture with above are the members of the organizing committee. Don't ask me why is the flash so bright for the 2nd pic, I don't know reason either.


The prizes we won are 1 Canon printer, 1 Canon, 2 hampers, 3 box of chocolates, 3 KFC vouchers, 3 health supplements, and 1 mini vacuum.

Sticking to the purpose of the race being a charity, we donated ;

Canon printer, Hamper and goodie bags to this Orphan Home, which I forgotten its name. So we keep the rest of the goods.

What can I say, despite the understandably poor organization, I had a rather enjoyable time there & thought the race was a good event to make me work my muscles and brain.

Yay I'm getting RM140 from this race, ask me why :).