Monday, July 28, 2008

Body Concious.

I bet some of you dudes out there got inspired by Thian Hong's robust arms as seen in my previous post, and started signing up for gym and tried doing push-ups before you sleep.

Honestly, Thian Hong was the one who inspired me to work for my fitness and exposed me to the ways to do it. Myself, wish I could possess a pair of brawny arms as well as more muscle mass.

All the fitness I go through on a regular basis are merely jogging, football/futsal and a few round of push ups.

Now that a number of my friends have signed up for regular workouts at the gym, I feel left out, I feel like I'm slacking, more sluggish.

I need help here. Any suggestions on the workouts or diets that can possibly enhance my body?
I want more muscle mass :\.

I wanna be buff. I wanna be fit. I wanna be like..


Maybe not.

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