Sunday, July 27, 2008

Siang's legal.

Now, he can drink and get drunk, legally. Not like he never drinks and get drunk before. (Ser Siang drunk at 15)

So Siang organized a party at his new home at Damansara Idaman, hosting a large number of friends. It was certainly a delightful gathering, seeing so many familiar faces all around.

There were so many people it's almost impossible to take a group picture altogether, so we got to divide and take pictures by segmenting to different groups.

Lim Jr. and Lim Sr.

Siang and I with friends from Taman SEA- Vincent, Matthias, Jan Ming, Sarah Ooi, Wei Guan & Khy Li.


Saw Siang's kick ass birthday cake?
This is what you get from having a mother who's a prominent figure in the baking industry.

Family first!
May Ee was actually invited into the "Family picture" but I didn't get that shot in my camera!

Retired LEO Board of Directors - Yew Weng, myself, May Ee, Joanne, Wei Jing, Grace & Kar May.

It's been a long decade already, and still going on :).

Nicole and Kimmy virtually boxing the life out of each other, haha.



SEA Park-ians.

Find them to fix your clothes! - Taylors'

Current classmates.

Taman Megah's breed.

Last but not least, the one that matters - his close ones.

Send me more pictures from your respective cameras!
May Ee, my Olympus camera seriously needs altering :p.

such a warm homecoming.

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