Sunday, October 08, 2006

I want -

Life is beautiful when...
(in my point of vieww)

you own a pair of Mercurial Vapour III.

it doesnt get sexier than this.


you own an ipod.

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my computer speakers went i need musics sucks being around without music.hey u people try sustain yourself from music for a day, trust me its as good as...erm not bathing for a day?


you own a pair of ankle weights!

the current one im using now seems...not so heavy current one is...12 pounds if im not mistaken. although the wrong way of using them could be dangerous, but it could certainly make u feel fit!nowadays i even see around-60 year old-man walking around with weights. never too late to stay fit!


you own your PERSONAL spike shoe from nike.

this shoe is gorgeous!nike is so sexy lar, seriously.haih when it comes to spike shoes, i always have to borrow them from vincent.haha.well next year should be the last year you're seeing me wearing this kinda of shoes=\.


you have DUMBELLS in your room.

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most of the time i only focused on my leg, so i've not been working my arms and my arms are as weak as you can imagine.having this can enable myself to work myself out watching tv, feeling unoccupied, releasing stress or in the toilet.haha.


you possess a pair of 5.0 Nike Free

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nice.very nice.its the same one sersiang bought and he sprint around 1u cause that shoe made him feel so.haha


but most important of all , life is significant when you get to spend times with your frens.....

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absolutely true.


Samantha said...

its pointless me getting those shoes but...i want! they are nice........

MengLeong said...

nice!you're right on that!

Jehc said...

ah Leong, thats not an iPod. :P

Y i C h I n G said...

that IS an iPod isn't it ?

MengLeong said...

yes it is.

Anonymous said...
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