Friday, October 13, 2006

those feelings.

For those being single,
it is not the toughest thing to do.
Yes, you might have feelings on a particular someone,
and feel like you have to give up all and express all the feelings of yours.
Somehow, nothing hurts more than unreturned love.

i strongly support that fact.
You must know that you are special,
but do not lose focus in whatever you do,
or wherever you're heading.
If all goes well,
do not be afraid to share your feelings,
share the love.

Me being a normal being,
desires for love as well.
If you experienced unreturned love,
reaching for something you can't reach,
or aren't capable of reaching.
Well, i had my time too.
Things werent good,
you feel like hiding yourself in your blanket and just forget the world,
run away, secretly breaking apart,
or even shed tear a little.
Well you're not alone again, i went through that as well.
You've given all your heart,
but that someone had torn your heart apart.
Its really hard to love again.
It hurts as you have some much to say,
but you don't exactly know how to put it,
and she just walked away with ignorance.
I would say stay strong despite unloved,
don't affect your own well being for someone who's not worth it.
Treat it as a task He gave us,
stay strong and stay true.

Put aside your ego.
As all those ego is gona do to you is spoil you.
I don't fancy ego-maniacs,
nobody do.
I dare you,
to live with love and show some love.
If you couldn't get someone out of your mind,
maybe because they're meant to be there.

To those who are loved,
you feel like living in wonderland,
and wish your time in your wonderland never ends.
You've found the reason,
the inspiration in doing everything you do,
giving your best to ensure you do not let your partner down.
The feeling felt so right.
Live together like there's no tomorrow.
I am who i am today,
because of the things you've done.
I'm standing,
here without you.
Do you know how does that feel?

When im with you,
i actually wanted to walk till the end of road with you.
I'd give up forever to touch you,
provide you the warmness you deserve.
After this, you will know that i'm running in a circle all these while.
Before i know love was blind,
i was blinded by you.
Its a queer feeling,
cause everytime you're around i feel weak,
and i cant keep my eyes off you.
I'd see everything you do as something beautiful.
I would be secretly picturing just you and me,
somewhere only we know..
but in fact,
dreaming to be next to you is the closest i'll ever get.


Rhyanne said...

Did you write this?
This is such a piognant piece.
How can a guy like you express love in this way?
Your first stanzas hit me, as if it was meant for me.

Hope you dont mid writing them down in my notebook ;)

Sabrina Sarah said...

MengLeong, seriously, I'm very moved by this post. =)
You spelled out every word in my mind which I can't put together.
But, sometimes, we have to let go, for the better, right?

MengLeong said...

yes i did write that myself.
i just...pour it out.

debra fong said...

i feeel you.


and happy october birthday to the 12th person i know who's birthday is in october!

Ong Khy Li said...

Soooo emooo!!! but.. Its true..

MengLeong said...

haha thanks debraa.

haha khyli!u have to agree with me.:)

Nimalan D said...

That is super freaking good man leong.You've got talent that's no doubt.ahha you should try writing for magazines,newspapers etc.

MengLeong said...

lol thanks man nimalan.
magazines?haha u must be joking:p.

Nimalan D said...

ahha i'm serious got talent that much's obvious.don't let it go to waste.

kirsten said...

bim bim, this is THE best post by far.
you simply placed thoughts i couldnt put into words in black and white.
this is like so awesome!!!
i agree with`ve got some talent going on.keep it up!

okay take care sayang. buhbye. ;P

Samantha said...

Being single ain't the end of the world.Important thing is you still got your frens and family which love and support you.You've got alot of frens who love u la.When you write stuff like this they rly frens just go 'are you over yrself yet?' swts.haha

It is good.Nostalgia worthy?