Friday, December 08, 2006

Burberry ?

If any of you all are wondering how I'm doing at Burberry, I'm kinda adapting there..
So, so far so good.

Alright I shall share the pro and cons of working at Burberry.

  • The store room/staff room is awfully confine.
  • Working for 12 hours, we can only go out for break for 1 hour.
  • Hot, rich ladies dropping by.
  • The place is filled with CCTV. Its so strict, you cant simply scratch your ass or pick your nose. Cause your manager can see it and the General Manager at Singapore can see it too.
  • The customers are very friendly and pleasant(erm, selected ones ler.)
  • There are coke, milo, beer, instant noodles, cookies etc in the mini staffroom.
  • I think the only place I can find solitude around the shop is the changing room. haha.
  • I share intersting conversations with my other colleagues, for example :
    Me : "Can I change inside the storeroom?"
    Munkit : "Woah wana show abs ar."
    Yanie(colleague) : "Ok la, you show abs I show breast."
    hahahahahahaha(she was just joking if you're wondering=_=)
  • I'm gona get bored seeing MunKit's face everyday=b.
  • I get to put on a Burberry tie worth RM400++ everyday.
  • Every morning we've got the chance to spray ourselves with any kind of Burberry perfume.(come visit me and i'll spray u any burberry perfume of ur choice=b)
Its late now and I've got work tomorrow.
right, see ya.


thefrenchketchupqueens said...

I <3 Burberry London:)
it smells so good

MengLeong said...

that's d best one for ladies in my opinion;)