Sunday, December 03, 2006

i choose to believe you will stand by me one day.

Another weekend during holiday.
This weekend was slightly different as I spent it at KL.
Read along if you wana find out further.

On Saturday, I attended Leo Regional Committee Meeting, and sat for Continuous Leo Development exam, to as it was a criteria if you want to be an award receiver.

The paper was a piece of cake, right after that I went to KLCC.
The KLCC trip was suppose to be with WeiGuan on Monday, but she finally said she couldn't make it because she wants to spend quality time with WeiCheng who just returned home from Canberra recently like jogging together and do facial?haha.

But she told me she's going there Saturday evening, so I went there too to settle my Burberry uniform.
Wana know how I'm gona do at Burberry? Drop by at KLCC and pay me a visit!=p

Then jalan jalan with the sisters..

Headed to the LRT station as it was already 8 something and rub shoulders with the people of KL=.= .


Sunday was time spent with SerSiang and ThianHong.
Three of us went to KL mainly because I wanted to buy a new phone to replace my stolen one=\.
So we went there by LRT, checked out Sungai Wang and move to Lau Yat Plaza.
If you have no idea what Lau Yat is all about, its a mall where sells all kind of electronic items such as computers, laptops, handphones, ipods, mp3 players, etc.
Did I say the price of the stuffs there are exceptionally low?
I would say go there if you wana get any electronic items.


The Starhill area has LOADS of people giving out flyers.
If I were to take all the flyers, I would need a folder desperately=p.

Afters lots of hustle and looking around, we discovered this handphone booth that sells handphones exceptionally cheap.
So I've finally got a new phone with an undoubtly good price.

Motorazr V3i

If you're wondering, yeah its the same one as SerSiang.

Meanwhile, SerSiang bought some PC game and ThianHong bought handsfree set for his phone.
Later on, ThianHong got his wish fullfilled as he wanted to drop by at Petaling Street/Chee Cheong Kai/CCK despite SerSiang complaining he's tired from his Europe trip and touching Juliet Statue's boobs. how divine. hahaha

As we moved on to CCK, our lungs were pretty much filled with polluted air.
ThianHong bought some socks from there while SerSiang got himself two DVDs.

After a long day at KL, we decided to return home.
Since its Sunday, ThianHong and I went to the pasar malam to have our "dinner" there. haha.

That's about it.

ps: jings i still need ur help!=)

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