Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sooner or later it will be over..

A birthday party for Grace.
At Jesse's apartment, Kelana Mahkota.

At first, SerSiang came to my house, so we could go to Jesse's house together.
Cause we are planning to sleepover, we brought clothes and it was an uncommon sight, seeing a guy bringing along Louis Vutton bag.

Who else?
SerSiang la.


Then he figured that we should visit Jade who just returned from Australia recently.
Did some chit chat, then Siang, Joe, Jesse and I walked to Mosin to eat.

Later on, Joshua fetched all of us including HweeChing there early to swim.
Did you all read before the news that a little girl got her leg stuck in a pool and died of drowning?
Yeap, that's the pool we're about to swim.
Jesse even suggested we should swim at 3AM, something different.
A bit scare la, but we still swim.
The place is alright, probably that little girl case was a freak accident which happens rarely.


If we had our OWN apartment and bring OUR girl along, wah, happy.
That's what Siang think and most of us think. haha.

All of us change to swimming attire except for Joe. He's wearing his only boxer=p
When we go down to the pool, didn't do much swimming, but did some out of the box actions.
For example, Joe and Siang compete push ups by the pool side. hahaha.


Not long later Jane came to do some touch up to the decorations(which are really pretty) and sort of things with the chocolate fondue dude. Chocolate fondue dude, it rhymes=b.

The party was pretty much like everyone's focusing on whatever they're doing besides the gambling gang. haha.

Thanks Ethan, for making things lifely by sharing those spooky stories.

Later on, Jane did the clean up, moping etc.
I find that very kinky-ly attractive. Like I've said before whoever who's gona have Lee Jane as his wife he's one lucky lucky man.

Ohya and I wana congratulate both SerSiang and MayEe for their action of commitment to each other. You know, getting together.


With a blink of an eye, everyone's back home.
Leaving Jesse, Siang, Joe and I.

We wondered around the Kelana area to get water to last us for the night.

Back at the apartment, we did some guy talk by the balcony, staring naked neighbours having sex.(no i was just joking)

When we moved on to the room, we played "Cho Dai Di"
All of us have our round of victory, but SerSiang seem to be the most unlucky one.

The whole night Joe kept on saying "Insomnia insomnia"

Later on we've played "Bluff". haha no doubt SerSiang was fit for the game.
After playing till 4am, we decided to sleep.
As we switched off the lights, go to our sleeping positions, then Siang shouted :

"Haiya one more game la one more game. Last game."

We played and he emerged winner again.
Tired, so i switched off the lights, move to my sleeping position, then Siang shouted again :

"OK la one more game. Last game"

=.= so we played. But we got cautious of not letting Siang win, and Joe won. At LAST, someone wins the Bluff other than Siang.

Ended around 5 something. We really want to fall to dreamland.
But Siang again SHOUTED :

"Haiya last game. Last game laa"

we added NO.=_=
and FINALLY we managed to get the sandman can do his trick.


Got up at about 9am, and returned home after making sure the apartment is in order.
and now here I am.

Today's gona be unofficially the end of my "Unoccupied Holidays".
Because I'll be starting work at Burberry tomorrow.

Am I gona enjoy or dislike my time there?
I have no idea.
Time will tell.



SianG said...

Lol i would love to play bluff again.. i wil definitely visit you at KLCC

debra fong said...


how much are they paying you at burberry????
and yes,i will try to visit you since i'm a nice girl and SOMEONE didn't even visit me while i was working!

Anonymous said...

Please use the money u get working at Burberry for some English tuition . For the sake of your readers . You wouldnt want a B in your slip now do you

Ethan said...

Owwie. I don't think you would like my fist up your ass now would you?

MengLeong said...

Thanks anonymous.
I am aware that my english is no big deal.
Tell me you're my grandfather, bitch.

Actually I might consider donating money to your good old parents to give them incentive to teach you well and proper not to boss around and mess with other people.

Now thank me, unidentified loser.

SianG said...

Go Fuck yourself you fucking fuck face anonymous