Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Where did I go?

Remember I mentioned in one of my post earlier of this year that I wana avoid working so that I could spent time with my family to on a vacation?
& I was longing to go to the beach?
It happened, I get to work and took 5 days off to go for a vacation, by the beach.
I manage to ask for 5 days off from work, thanks to my very flexible supervisor.

Guess where I went.

Penang & Langkawi.


Alright if you're still stranger to the Lums, I shall do a lil intro.

The youngest.

The other sister.

You don't need introduction on this one.

The Tai Ko.

The old lady.

The Eldest plus the youngest.

Last but not least, the newest member of the family.


At Penang, we did nothing much but enjoy Penang's delicacies to the fullest!
Name it, we ate it!

My stomach barely had time for rest from its duty of digestion.

Accomodation, at Berjaya Georgetown.

Basically its pretty much a food-theme trip.

On the ferry, leaving Penang.
please dont say you havent been on a ferry before.that's sad=(.


After one night at Penang and loads of eating, we headed north to Langkawi.

Guess who I saw there?
Sean Chen, my brother's fren.
Heard Sandra and the others were there too, never get to meet them though.
Where did u guys stay?

Me and my family laid our butts at Berjaya Beach & Spa Resort.
One word,

Just a view from my chalet's balcony.

There's one very interesting detail regarding my chalet's bathroom.

who wants to take a bath?:b

For dinner, we had seafood buffet at the resort's cafe.

mmhm, yummy.

Great deal of food there, universal gourmet provided.

Bbq seafood,

Brother's head,
Mussels, Lobsters, Prawns, banyak laa:).

at the buffet,


visited the nearby kelong,

opps my mistake for the lousy shot.

my youngest sister, the youngest, the corrupted.
why corrupted?

check out her BOOTS.

they call me ah leong.

there's where I saw the biggest jellyfish ever!
it looks small here but its like, 2 of EeKeen's head?
i don't know!
its huge!


PuiFoong insisted this picture she took appears in my blog.

I have to try jet-skiing one day!

at telaga harbour park.

By the beach, I played beach soccer and beach volleyball with the people around there,
got a lil tanner;).

If I'm not mistaken, my family had 5 days straight of SEAFOOD. but seafood never seems to bore me;).

Bought Hershey's Kisses, Ferrero Rocher, Kinder Chocolate, many other chocolates and Anglia Shandy(s). All are towards my liking!


I'm kinda lazy to continue cause I've got work tomorrow.
Same old routine.
10 points for you if you visit me!

& thanks Violet for accompanying me for lunch break;)

For those in Japan, if you're reading this,

Enjoy Your Trip There!

& MayEe, my birthday present!Remember:b!


please don't let me walk till the end of the road alone.
i don't want just mere dreams.
really wish you could be by my side.
i want you, i need you.
if only you cared,
if only you want me as much as i want you.


kikie* said...

I sorta visited you...
ten points for meee! =D

..::maymay::.. said...

i hardly go out lar...

i'll try okay???

omg..i haf so many ppl's presents to get..
urs..kheikhei..yew weng.. gonna go broke..


MengLeong said...

kirsten : haha sure. share ur points with ur mom remember;).haha.

mayee : im waiting.hehe.