Wednesday, December 27, 2006

my working place.

upon request of dear tigress, i manage to pull a friend of mine to layan me for taking pictures.
although cctv everywhere, we still go on taking pictures. pai seh a bit ler:p
but today was like the most strategic day because my supervisor was on off and we felt pretty "easy".
guess what, tomorrow's my last day of work.

there you go.


there, my new friend i met at Burberry, Eugene.
he's 20 and he's single, looking for a girl. anyone?
(eugene , u better spend me dunkin' donuts the next time u see me for publicity!)

lelong ni. up to 50% discount.
still nobody wants. haih.
(check out my colleague at the back!hahaha yanie!)


last day of work last day of work last day of work.
i truly appreciate my time at Burberry.
thanks everyone!
especially Yati!
continue your life at Burberry and hope you all don't get bored anytime soon.hehe


hows ur x'mas party sab?
did you guys enjoy yourselves?
sorry couldnt make it ler and join you people.
but gona see everyone pretty soon, cause i can smell form 5 coming.

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Sabrina Sarah said...

Meng Leong!
I wish you came! Haha. Well, Ethan was a lil tipsy. But it was all good. There's always next year yeah?