Monday, November 20, 2006

Ku Ku La Sam


Everyday, my mom being herself, advise me, nag etc.

But today was slightly funny I figured.
If you all understand Hokkien, you might get it=p.

*came home after playing football

Mom : eh leong ah..kuku la sam
Me : ER HOW YOU KNOW?[i freaked out, thought she peep me or something!]

*i thought she meant that kuku..u know.but she meant my toe nails.

we both had a round of laughter after that=p


leemin said...

hahah. i get the joke.
ugh, kuku la sam! :D

nicole. said...

that's friggin funny!

Sophia Liz said...

la sam? what's tht? long arh?

MengLeong said...

la sam is dirty in hokkien:b