Saturday, November 18, 2006

Someone's gona get wet , really

this post might be a little himbotic, but be prepared for a girl fest here!

#1. Jessica Alba
....if hell is as HOT as this...i wouldn't mind dropping by to hell, really.

#2. Amber Chia
it wouldn't need much effort to GUESS? she's gona appear here in my list:D

#3. Joanna Levesque (Jojo)
she's a year younger than me and she's burning hot!
[hey don't you all think Jojo resemble Kirsten a little here?!and hey BumBum's a year younger than me as well:p!]

#4. Marion Rose Caunter
I've always turn on to 8tv, to watch her. Really.
I watch her so often till my brother and sisters get annoyed.[hehe]

#5. Kate Beckinsale
She's awesomely yummy. Can't wait for another movie with her in it!

#6. Nicole Scherzinger
Omg i think she's trying to prove something here.
Loosen up my buttons!

#7. Tata Young
You've got my temperature rising!!aah!

For the finale, a little twist.

[yeah it's him again]

but you guys have to agree with those hot mamas up there la!


Nimalan D said...

i don't agree qwith n. 4 and 7 dude

Anonymous said...

nimalan is right...
u forgot about eva longoria and scarlett johanssen(is that how u spell her name?)

MengLeong said...

well that's my choice, and u've got ur own choice.
everyone's different?


kikie* said...

i look like JOJO? whoa. *gushesss*
minus the fabulous boobiefull chest and the fame and the moolah. grrr.hahaaa

kikie* said...

mr pick-his-nose is so thexy.
he beats me weyh.

MengLeong said...

yes u resemble jojo a little!
and no, don't be silly, mr pick-his-nose aint a hottie.
you are:]

kikie* said...

i just had an idea.
one day you should dress up likr mr pick-his-nose and do a remake of the picture.
now that will be HOT!!i promiseeee!