Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Rising Above Function 1 - Gala Dinner

I suppose those who went for this event enjoyed themselves, had a good time etc.
I HAD a freaking hard time, collecting Leos to turn up for this event, but see-ing you guys enjoying yourself its well worth it though.

The venue, Bangsar Shopping Centre was decorated PRETTY-LY.

Guess who went for this function?
Famous local artists and people that could afford spending you everyday whole year round BaskinRobbin's Cookies'n'Creme but money still doesnt run dry.
You know, those high social status people.

Satan went too! O.O haha [its S. Atan actually:b]

not to forget us:D [ fingers courtesy of KarMay and yours truly;) ]
PORNSTAR(although he isn't a leo, he wore my bro's uniform)went too, for some reason most know.

Some of us, assigned to escort VIPs and guests.

haha yes yes sure.
We saw a dude...
a dude who looks like Jay Sean?
HOT mamas.
Kaya Marin's(opps, Maya Karin sry sry*^^) brother[which Dina wana marry?haha.]
the actors and actresses of Red Kebaya.(actresses hot hot!)
Aliff of One in a Million(when i was washing my hands at McDonalds, he was styling his hair at the mirror right next to me, haha.)
Sarimah Ibrahim,
Mahadzir Lokman,
M. Nasir,
many moreeee la.

its some frigging grand thingie, greeting well-known people, super cool la.
most of them are pure nice people and really sociable.
but Steph was afraid of greeting them. haha.

don't we look welcoming;)?


But M. Nazir is a true Malaysian, really.
He arrived fashionably late!
So, Dina wasnt there to escort him.haha[too bad dinaa:b]

But there are some people who doesnt support local entertainment industries and watch local channels, claim like, "Er who is Sarimah Ibrahim?What is M. Nasir?"
support local goods a bit la, man.

Did I mention I love their cars?*double thumbs up*


We were given allowance so we decided to eat at McD.
But after all the guests arrived, all Leos sat down at respective tables.
If we were to pay to plant our butt on that chair, it would cost us RM10,000 per table(for charity ma).

Jonathan asked Lion Niza,
How much ar they pay?
RM10,000 per table, around RM 1,000 per head.
WHAT THE?waa.what they eat wo.
they eat GOLD.(didn't know Lions could be that lame)

drinking a glass of plain water, felt like "shit I've just swallowed 50bucks"
the food was okay,

but the shrimp was ORGASMICLY good some would say;D

and the dessert was x2 ORGASMIC. seriously, I love it.


The gang.

Dj Leos with Lion Dyana

right before we go back, some of us manage to take a shot with Sarimah Ibrahim!:D(she's gorgeous!)

and a little souvenir of Red Kebaya for me:)

*there's more pictures to come, I'll do my part by updating when I get hold of them, while you all do your part by just visiting my blog more often;)


next post, the 2nd Rising Above Function, The Premier of The Red Kebaya at TGV KLCC.
see ya:)


ethan said...

I'm grinning like an idiot next to Sarimah man.

ethan said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to ask, who is this PORNSTAR? Never heard of him. I think his real name is Marathon Man la. :D