Wednesday, November 15, 2006

You're almost here.

I blame me for forcing myself to wake up early and had that effort to go to school. Maybe it is because of marching la.
But I got up like slightly later.
So as I reached school, Sin Seanne had to shout to me it is 7.28am . I'm late and Dina wrote my name?

Walked to my class, so frustrated to find out so few of us turned up.
Attendance, 6.
2 girls went for some PORIM trip. Leaving Kit Weng, EZMIR(of all people, its Ezmir!:D), Izwan and me.
haha but not long later, I figured that Ezmir climbed out of school and returned home?
Found out that there's no marching. Whatt laaa.

So Kit Weng and I joined Batai.
Not long later, Mr K asked all the boys present from every class(not many la) to help him to clear up the hall for further renovation.
We dismantled the hall's curtain, practically removing every single thing around the stage.
Later we played with the trampoline(fun la jump around), climbed a long ladder up and check out the above-ceiling of the toilets of the hall. It was filled with lots of shuttle cock, thanks to those badminton players.

Later we've got Mr K to spend each of us a drink. haha
Kit Weng figured that staying in school without a ball is disastrous.
So Kit Weng suggested we walked out of school, go Wei Kit's house to call him and get his football.

Guess what?

We just walked out of the school's main gate, get Wei Kit's ball, waved hi to Yong Meng and returned back to school.

I think we gathered almost every boy present in school to play football.
Fun la.

After that, did some chit-chat till the bell rings and gear up for my board meeting.

I truly admire Grace, for cancelling quality time with her mom just to turn up for the meeting.
and Kar May, for rushing back from her outing with her aunt.


Later on today, I meet up with Mr Anthony of La Gourmet for a short interview.
Stopped by at BaskinRobins to have a little conversation with Anthea(she will be working there till end of December o.o)

Guess who I saw after that?
SerSiang's-first-primary-school-crush, Amelia Fong:D.
haha she's working at Cineleisure. Drop by there la Siang;)

Suddenly, I've got the urge to taste Dunkin' Donuts.

Did I mention I love them:)?
ho ho sek.

Next time if you wana drop by my house to pay me a visit, get me some Dunkin Donuts la;)
You shall be loved for that;)


today near 7 Eleven, there's this girl who caught my eye.
She looks a bit like LeeMin+CheangEe's brother's girlfriend.
hot la. *yumm.
I purposely buy a drink at 7 Eleven and hang out there, so that I could stalk her a little longer.
I was hoping she says I caught her eye and she wants to give me a passionate kiss. Hahaha. Haiya, no harm to fantasize a little as I am still single right?=\

Not long later, a car stopped by. It was her boyfriend. He gave a peak on her cheek, instantly I feel so shattered.
Urgh. This is not the first time of this week I am feeling disappointed though.

[.....maybe i do know why.]


SianG said...

Yes ML no need to tell the whole world.I saw her at cineleisure yesterday. Do u know that Pn.Lee actaully goes to your blog occasionally

Justin said...

despo...stalk on girls

MengLeong said...

WTF pn lee?
really meh.

..::maymay::.. said...

omgg...and i already told him bout it meng leong...i saw her there the other day too..

not pn lee the principle larh..joe shen's mum pn lee...=D

wEngfAi said...


Nimalan D said...

Aiyoh justin.where got guy dun linger around to check out girls one.and leong being single is not a bad thing la.i've been living it for 18 years and i'm surviving

MengLeong said...

haha nimalan, one day we go hang out stalk girls together.

Nimalan D said...

can can....taylors got quite a few so come anytime

Anonymous said...

u sound realli despo

MengLeong said...

in reality im not.
dun worry.