Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Lights will guide you home

Lately, my diet has gone out of hands.
Its crazy I tell you.
It started from Saturday, when attended Malaysia's Chief Scout's Raya open house.
Gosh there were PLENTY of food(plenty is an understament), and they had this big ass sign outside saying .. "Semua Dijemput Hadir"
I think the amount of chicken rendang/fried chicken/anything-got-to-do-with-chicken prepared and cooked had caused a whole poultry farm.
The food seems unlimited, so we ate like there's no tomorrow.
Same goes for Yu Szen. If you know this big guy well enough, you will know how good his appetite is.

I've been having late night supper.
Heavy breakfast.
Oreo, banana cakes for tea-time..or just anything I can find home.

The worst of all, I've not been sweating much, like I use to do hardcore-ly for the past 3 years.
I think I gained weight like shit=(
My arteries feel like its filled with fats and gona burst any moment.
Probably by the time i get a girlfriend, I would have a round body frame=(


Whip my ass if you see walloping loads of food.
Hmmm exercise and a few laps of jogging is what I need.
and a girlfriend?



Hows Balau's class trip to the zoo?
I bet you guys had a great time with great company around;]
met Edwyn's cousins(peguins) there?

Edwyn what are you doing there?!=p


Same old routine tomorrow.
Skip class for marching-play football- witness PORNSTAR sweat like he has been dipped into a pool of salty water.
plus, LEO Board meeting tomorrow.

The memory of the first few days I stepped into SMKDJ is still fresh, and guess what, next year is gona be our last year there. =\

Its already over for the current Form5s.
All the best for SPM(its tomorrow!), and whatever you all choose to persuade years ahead.

Move along as time passes.

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SianG said...

Edwyn did Manage to meet up with 4 of his brothers in The Zoo..i can send you the picture if you want