Thursday, November 23, 2006

Rising Above Function 2 - Premier of The Red Kebaya

On the 22nd Nov, me and a bunch of Leos went to TGV, KLCC for the premier of The Red Kebaya.
Fuiyoh, Vanidah Imran looks good here.

There, The Red Kebaya. Haha thanks Dina.=p

We are assigned to our respective halls, Dina and me are given Hall 8.Suppose to collect funds for the Rising Above purpose, to prevent child abuse etc.

We know you wana come to Hall 8;)

she's all alone.

i'm all alone too.

Dina's shoe lace seem to be bothering her, so she decided to terminate it.
We designed a new shoe ya;p


Then VIPs start coming in,

Some of us with Samantha Schubert.
No idea who she is?Dip your head in a bucket of ice cold water, then drop a msg to ask me.

Me , Dina with Samantha Schubert.

you see that nice picture above?its taken by :

Rachelle.(no, she's not one of the celebrities that we ushered)
Firstly, I wana thank you for taking the picture;).
But from Ashton's point of view, sorry to say you missed him out in it.(saw ashton's face kena cut in the picture above?:p)
Haha next time la Ashton, dun merajuk.

Credits to Dina's determination, we manage to take picture with Elaine Daly!

This former Miss Malaysia held my waist!and I held hers!Elaine Daly!!<3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href=""> its never too many when you're taking pictures with celebrities.

the whole gang:)


Now, a little preview of the movie from me.

At some point of the show, I think its a brilliant movie. The twist, and the story line.
No doubt the Malays speaking good English and seeing White men speaking Malay was an exciting sight.

Elaine Daly plays Nurul, a joget girl that entertains Hoggy.haha
Samantha Schubert plays an antagonis character as Mrs Reynolds.

There's certain part I find it kind of stone and queer at times, haha.(the part when Mrs Reynolds said she knows what Mr Reynolds wants and started undressing herself?& the part when Mr Reynolds confessed his love to Azizah?haha.)
The final conclusion of the show was brilliant, when Latiff met Long, his long lost Chinese friend.

Even the whole cinema applauded. Overall, thumbs up for a local production.
Wana find out more?Watch the movie!


Dina said...

Nah, I don't need company.

Soo Tho's pretty good company :P

Well thanks for accompanying me anyway, if company means helping you plead celebs to take pictures with us (: Lion Nisa is weird

..::maymay::.. said...

when she said she noes wat he means she thinks all he wants wit azizah is jus sex..

and i watched the movie on thursday wit cheryl...bluddy hell cheryl watch movie rite..damn killjoy wan...=D...JOKING CHER!!

neways,..sorry i couldn't make it...

MengLeong said...

haha cheryl?
understand la.

ethan said...

I read the movie review in the papers. They said it sucked shite. You sure its that good? And the cinema applauding is common courtesy cos its the premiere, and the whole cast wll be there ma, must layan them a bit.

MengLeong said...

no in my hall, it was just audience, the crews weren't there.